The Glass Skin Collection

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The Glass Skin Collection was developed in Korea by systematic analysis, long clinical test and participation of specialists in various fields of industry.

A pure and hypoallergenic skin care, is reasonably priced and effective product using natural high quality raw materials which prevents aging cells, normalizing skin’s PH and balance between oil and moisture to restore skin’s own function and beauty.

The ladies of Korea aim to emulate the skin of a child, which is free from environmental damage. Much like a child’s visage, “Glass Skin” is so radiant that it’s practically transparent.
It is time to get acquainted with “Glass Skin”, a radiant and flawless complexion that Korean women strive for.

First 100 customers will received The Glass Skin Collection at $250 + Vanity Bag + Reusable Mask (U.P $300)
The Glass Skin Collection is available in-store and online at Hurry get yours today!